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Meet Our Team

The Clinic Is Open For Repairs

Sinclair's Auto Clinic represents the best in Chicago’s automotive repair industry. Each of our technicians is highly-trained and experienced mechanics. We love what we do, and nothing makes us happier than resolving problems with our customers’ vehicles. This is the place you come when you need specialized attention from the experts, and you want to pay reasonable prices for our services. We truly appreciate our customers, and we let them know by how we treat them. Customer service and kindness is a top priority.

Jim Sinclair

Jim started in the automotive business in 1971, working part-time after school in the parts department at a local dealership. After graduating in 1973, he started working as an apprentice. He finished his four-year apprenticeship in one year and became a journeyman. Jim left in 1978 to work at an independent shop, but saw many things about their business that he wasn’t happy with. For example, Jim believes that a technician should know how to repair all systems of a vehicle, not just brakes or front ends. In 1981, he decided to open his own shop – and Sinclair’s Auto Clinic is still providing excellent auto repair and maintenance services over 30 years later!

Pat Sinclair

Pat started in the industry back in 1982, working part-time while going to school. He realized his strong interest in auto repair and started working full-time after graduating. Pat is knowledgeable in all systems of a vehicle and also acts as a service writer.

Anthony Douglas

Anthony, also known as Tony, is a graduate of UTI Automotive Trade School. Tony started here as an apprentice in 2006 and became a journeyman technician in 2008. Tony is capable of repairing all systems of a vehicle and does a lot of the bigger jobs like engine and transmission repairs.