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Chicago’s Full-Service Auto Repair Shop

Welcome to the South Side’s Own Sinclair’s Auto Clinic!

Sinclair’s Auto Clinic has been serving the greater Chicago area’s drivers for over 30 years. If you’ve never been by to see us, then you either: 1) Haven’t had any auto repair service needs, or 2) You’ve been taking your vehicles to the wrong shop.

Either way, today is the day we take care of all that. We call ourselves a clinic because we diagnose and treat your automotive needs with the same professionalism and expertise a physician would treat your body. Whatever is wrong with your vehicle, our technicians will properly diagnose it, then fix it. When you take your vehicle to one of our competitors you might ask them: “Do you guys do (fill in the blank)?” But with Sinclair’s Auto Clinic, you can know the answer before you even ask: “Yes, we handle everything!” Chances are, you have needed vehicle repairs in the past 30 years. Customers usually stick with whomever or whatever they are a familiar. This becomes a problem when the familiar doesn’t provide you and your vehicle with excellent service. You and your vehicle are the only ones who suffer.

Sinclair’s Auto Clinic is offering you a new alternative to any subpar repair shop that you’ve been familiar with. We’re not actually a new alternative. We’ve been providing superior auto repairs and maintenance service to the South Side for a few decades. Today is the day, you can be a part of our faithful and satisfied customer base. Even if you don’t have any repair needs, our excellent maintenance services allow you to avoid them altogether. Come get to know us, we know what a relief a good mechanic is, and what a headache a bad one can be. We’re not your ordinary auto repair shop, we’re a “clinic,” the place where our experts make everything all better. Whether you need a quick and convenient

oil change, or you need us to rebuild your transmission, we’re more than ready to handle anything.


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